About Us

Labyrinth Games are produced by Red Thread Studios, LLC, and headquartered in Portland, OR.

“Unprecedented customer service from Labyrinth. Great staff. They went above & beyond for our family.”

– Angie C. : YELP



Derrick grew up in rural Indiana before earning a B.S. in Theater Production at Ball State University. Following college, he joined the U.S. Army as a Public Affairs Broadcaster. After working for the American Forces Network as a radio deejay, he left the military and moved to Portland. He is currently studying art at Portland State University. 


ETHAN : Host

Ethan is a born and bred Portlander, having lived here his entire life. He discovered a love for acting and entertainment in high school, and has been pursuing a career in them since. He’s not a big fan of the sun, which makes living in the NW a perfect fit. 


ZACH : Host

Zach has lived in Portland for about a year after moving from the Mile High City. When not working at Labyrinth, he is a software manager for construction technology and wannabe-chef. He is a proud CU Buffalo and can be found around town most often eating, golfing or watching/talking sports. 


ERYN : Customer Service

Eryn, recently relocated from charming South Carolina, has her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre. She’s thrilled to be a part of the red thread that weaves the Labyrinth together, and works as both Room Host and Assistant Site Manager. Her hobbies include penning stories, photographing the world, and building (or at least designing) better mouse traps.


MATT : Technology and Development

Heading the technical build team, Matthew ensures that game components are both functional and fun. Finding creative solutions to real world problems, Matt is responsible for new technology development and implementation.


VINCENT : Operations

Experienced in fabrication and construction, Vincent is driven to continue to learn knew skills and trades. Heading up the install crew for Red Thread Studios, he has installed 18 games around the country in 6 states with many more coming. 

ANDREW : Founder

After serving in the US Army and earning his BA in Business, Andrew founded Red Thread Studios with the intention of bringing people together in a tactile environment. The driving force of both the creative and business side of the company, Andrew has proven himself as an industry pioneer.


DAN : Creative & Marketing

Dan has lived in 7 cities and been to 32 countries. He strives to bring a sense of wonder to the player experience and excellence to the customer experience. An avid nerd, Dan focuses on creating the optimal conditions for fun.