Raid the Bunker. Recover the Artifact. Win the War.

In Portland’s only WWII escape room players will join an Allied commando team.

Tasked with recovering a mysterious artifact from a secret vault they will test their training against physical and mental puzzles. The fate of the world depends on defeating the mystical and enigmatic Brotherhood of the Black Sun.

Blitzkrieg is an action adventure based escape room where players will gear up, break codes, discover components, work as a team, and most of all get out alive. This heart-pounding chapter of Labyrinth will change the fate of millions.

Fear not! Not every team has had years of field training, you are not alone. Because, even the bravest of puzzlers can crumble under pressure, players will be aided by the steel nerves of the battle-hardened Sergeant Wells.

Unlike any thing you’ve done before, Blitzkrieg is popular for team building, birthday parties, history enthusiasts and teams looking for a challenge. Due to the nature of the game, there are battleground sound effects.

Keys to Mission Success:

Raid the bunker and discover all of its secrets

Communicate with your team

Assign tasks and execute your mission