This is Chapter One of your Adventure. So begins a note shrouded in mystery from a renowned professor; starting an enigmatic journey.

Archeologist Eric Schlusser has returned from the site of the original Labyrinth created by Daedelaus. His dig team recovered many artifacts. All of great power and value, desired by many.

After his disappearance, a letter appears, tasking you with continuing his research. After partnering with his friend Nikola Tesla, Professor Schlusser has created a final test, before you can inherit his life’s work. You must test your knowledge and prove your worth to achieve greatness.

You might not have studied, so the Professor’s Research assistant is available for help in navigating the exam. Inspired by the classics such as Da Vinci, Dante, and Machiavelli, this will test your logic, cognitive, and mechanical reasoning.

Inheritance is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Encouraging team work and guaranteeing a great experience for even the most seasoned puzzlers.

Keys to a passing grade:

Thoroughly Search the Study

Work Together

Stay Detail Oriented