Team Building

Team building that actually works.

Team building has no business being this much fun. Our adventures are specifically designed to analyze team trends, determine individual strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, ensure buy-in and full involvement from every member of your team!


 Find out why our team building sessions have been chosen by some of the biggest corporations in Portland; such as Nike, Intel, Comcast, and HP, and our local neighbors like Oregon Health & Science University.

Making strong teams stronger!
Making strong teams stronger!

We work hard to ensure that your team building adventure is one of the best Portland has to offer. We strive to make it not only be productive and beneficial to your team, but also memorable and fun. 

Blitz Party
A night out on the town at Labyrinth

Watch your team work together in exciting new ways. as they take on challenges designed specifically to reinforce communication, and time management, as well as reward creative problem solving and critical thinking.

Chosen by Nike, Intel, Comcast, and HP!

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Our team of attorneys loved the experience, we finished with 1 minute to spare. Put your thinking hats on and enjoy.

Great staff, very accommodating! Highly recommend for team building or with friends.

Annette D., with Nike

Step 1: Let us know how we can meet your team's needs.

Communication and creativity are central in completing goals; yet, confidence might be the most important quality of all. A leader is confident in themselves and their team. A leader doesn’t stray away from admitting mistakes, or acknowledging the reality of sunk cost. A boss assigns tasks and waits for them to be completed, but a leader isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. Labyrinth puts everyone on the same playing field and challenges them to pool their resources and strengths to accomplish something together.

Step 2: Rally the team and arrive at Labyrinth.

Your team building session will start with a brief introduction to the environment of the adventure of your choice, and you will be provided with some tips, tricks, and keys to success! During your adventure, one of Labyrinth’s corporate trainers will analyze the performance of your team, providing you with a detailed picture of each team member’s key problem solving strength. The analysis session and discussion following the adventure will cover both the “hero moments,” and the opportunities for growth that your team exhibited during their time at Labyrinth.

Step 3: Match wits with your adventure for 60 minutes!

Whether it is between a coach and player, or a client and a designer, communication is a vital key to success. Companies today are focused around technology and emails and texts and effective interpersonal communication is often overlooked. This is why Labyrinth adventures highlight the need for effective “passing of the message” from the sender to the receiver and back.

Step 4: 30 minute debrief and analysis of your team's efforts - and hopefully, success!.

Labyrinth adventures typically follow a customized (and abridged) version of the team development model popularized by Dr. Bruce Tuckman. This model is commonly known as FORMING – STORMING – NORMING – PERFORMING. Because Labyrinth adventures are intentionally designed to highlight these critical stages of team building, each phase brings new information to light. As the team progresses through the adventure, new leaders will emerge, bonds will be forged, and voices that are often the quietest will learn to find new strength.

Satisfied girl holding a key

“Our HP group went to Labyrinth Escape Games for a team building event. This was a perfect event that made us all work together to solve the puzzle. No one person was left out and we all worked at solving different issues of the puzzle. We ended up solving the problem with seconds to spare! Great Team Building event – thank you for making it a fun experience.”

Tammy P., with Hewlett Packard

  • Pricing for 90-minute sessions for teams of 4-8 members starts at $375.
  • Labyrinth can accommodate up to 3 sessions (24 players) at a time.
  • Weekday sessions are available – your scheduling needs are important to us.
  • Contact us to schedule your team building session!