Team Building

 Labyrinth is becoming an integral part of team building in Portland. Team building has no business being this much fun. Our adventures are specifically designed to analyze team trends, determine individual strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, ensure buy-in and full involvement from every member of your team!

“Our team of attorneys loved the experience, we finished with 1 minute to spare. Put your thinking hats on and enjoy. Great staff, very accommodating! Highly recommend for team building or with friends.”

Annette D. with Nike

Why Are Escape Rooms Good For Team Building?

Escape rooms are great for team building because they have the ability to highlight all aspects of team work. Communication, time management, organization, focus, and follow through. They are also fun and a nice change from bowling, PowerPoint, and ropes courses.

How Is Labyrinth Different From Other Choices?

Labyrinth is different from other escape rooms because we can provide a breakdown after the game to showcase our observations and give real world applications. All of the sudden it isn’t just a fun night but a fun team night.

What Does Labyrinth Focus On?

At Labyrinth we have team building experience from multiple industries and focus on practical rather than theoretical ideas as well as training techniques developed for the US Army to help you achieve your goals.

“Our HP group went to Labyrinth Escape Games for a team building event. This was a perfect event that made us all work together to solve the puzzle. No one person was left out and we all worked at solving different issues of the puzzle. We ended up solving the problem with seconds to spare! Great Team Building event – thank you for making it a fun experience.”

Tammy P. with Hewlett Packard